Our History

The Mitchell United Methodist Church has a long history dating back to 1864 when it was organized as the Methodist Church Society, just a few months before the incorporation of the Village of Negaunee.

It was in June of 1899 that plans were began to construct a new sanctuary at the corner of N. Teal Avenue and Case Streets in Negaunee, Michigan. Captain Sam Mitchell gave $5,000 to begin the fund raising for this project and construction was begun by the architect Benjamin Price of Highlands, N.J.  and the E.E. Grip & Company of Ishpeming, MI.  In order to accommodate the new building the old church was moved to the west lot line to provide adequate space.  The new church building provided space for 700 people to worship, as well as several Sunday School rooms.  The church was then renamed Mitchell Methodist Episcopal Church.  Captain Mitchell gave a total of $8,065 toward the construction of the church with another $1,638 from the congregation.

Since the time of  its construction, the church has undergone many changes. The sanctuary was blessed with a pipe organ, and a beautiful stained glass window depicting Christ praying in Gethsemane. The annex was built  to provide space for fellowship.

Over the years the church and its ministries have grown and changed to serve the Negaunee community.  From 1864 to the present day, the Mitchell United Methodist Church remains a symbol of God’s love and grace to the world in the true Wesleyan tradition.