Our Youth Group is currently using a curriculum called COLLIDE: “Where Faith Meets Life”.  Collide is a curriculum that meets preteens & teens where they are emotionally, spiritually,  developmentally. Living in a world that may seem chaotic and confusing as youth transition from childhood to adolescence,   Collide helps them find their identity, uniqueness, and strength for positive change in our community and our world, etc.

The Youth Group meets every other week and covers each unit of the curriculum in four meetings.

Unit One: IN GOD WE ARE:
Sunday, February 11– Lesson 1: Loved
Sunday, February 25-Lesson  2: Valued
Sunday, March     11-Lesson   3: Weak Made Strong
Sunday, March     25-Lesson   4: Forgiven
Sunday, April 22-Lesson 1: Heart and Soul
Sunday, May 13-Lesson 2: Mind Games
Sunday, May 27-Lesson 4:  God’s Muscles are Bigger than Ours
Sunday, June 3- Lesson 4: Are You My Neighbor?